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10,000 Followers +10282 Parlay Ferda

Reverse Line Moves & More 2-7-2020

I joined twitter because I wanted to track my record on something other than my notes app on my phone. In 24 months I’ve interacted with a ton of different characters from all walks of life and in many different financial situations on my way to 10,000 followers. I’m not one that fuels my power or ego by begging for likes and retweets but 10k is pretty sweet. I do enjoy the different conversations I’ve had along this journey and look forward to the many more in the future.

Hopefully I’ve helped make you some money along the way. If not, might as well start today. Just know that the likelihood of this +10282 parlay hitting are not in our favor, but if someone’s gonna hit it it’s gonna be us. We will need mountains of positive energy in order for this mamma jamma to smack. So bring that energy when you hit “submit bet” if your rollin with da boys!

The 10K Parlay: +10282
Zion Williamson – Records a Double Double
Iowa -5.5
Joel Embiid – First Bucket
Kawhi Leonard – Records a Double Double

Zion performs big time in a nice spotlighted game today on one of the first Sundays without football. Rekindling the sportsbettors flame during the lull between the Super Bowl and the Madness. Iowa -5.5, come on. Come on. The chances of Joel getting the first 76er look are in our favor, the chances he soaks it are pretty good too. Just gotta win the tip! Then, how much fun is it going to be to watch this NBA prime timer, hoping the Boardman gets us PAID!

Like I said, shes a long shot but she’s a beaut. Gonna take all of us pulling the rope in the right direction for us to win this one today. Crack those knuckles and hang on tight my dudes! Let’s party!!