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Best Bets Tonight 1-24-21

Best Bets Tonight 1-24-21

Best Bets Tonight 1-24-21

Yesterday was easy. We had a good set with Loyola Chicago -6.5 which is always fun and then the player props just crushed. If I’m being honest, it felt good. It felt damn good. But do you know what is better than a winning day? You’re right. Another winning day. Let’s go get one.

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Georgia Tech TTO 31.5 * First Half (Draftkings)

My heart stopped when I saw this line because I immediately thought something happened to Moses Wright. I was scared for the kid. As it turns out, Draftkings is just letting employees work while either high or drunk again so no big deal. This Yellow Jacket squad is better than people think and they just hung 36 against slow ass Virginia last time out. They’re getting 32 in the first half tonight and if they don’t I’ll just pay to see it. Whatever.

  • Nicolas Batum Over 11.5 Points (-110) (Draftkings)
  • Nicolas Batum Over 21.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists (-120) (Fanduel)

It’s either going to be really good or really bad for me in this one and that’s fine. I want my tendies and I think Batum can help me get them. Don’t fact check me on this but he hasn’t played more than five minutes without Kawhi Leonard, Paul George or Patrick Beverley on the floor with him. I have a theory that says he will take 12+ shots tonight without the stars out there with him. If I’m wrong, hopefully he gets a shitload of assists and rebounds to bail me out. Remember when he dunked all over Karl Anthony Towns? That was awesome.


Parlay – Rangers TTO 1.5 – Blue Jackets TTO 1.5 – Jets TTO 1.5 – Kings TTO 1.5 (+117) * Draftkings

When there are 13 hockey games going, you have to jump on a parlay. Go through and find all of the 1.5 team totals and figure out which ones are hitting. How hard is it to score two goals in today’s NHL? I mean come on. I think I may have found the perfect mix of early and late games so I won’t even have to stay up too late. On the flip side, if shit starts looking like it is going south, I can just toss something in on the five games that start at 8:30 or later. Gotta have options out here.

Best Bets Tonight 1-24-21

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