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Bet Every Game – Friday

Bet Every Game - Friday

Bet Every Game – Friday

Friday is the “real” first day. It’s the one we have been waiting almost two years for so if you didn’t bet anything yesterday, you can just start betting every game starting today and still say you bet every game. Hopefully you were smart enough to call into work today but if you didn’t, I hope you learn your lesson. Let this at least be a learning experience for you so this day isn’t completely wasted.

Here is what I decided to do with every game. After going through all of them, there is no reason to not have at least one bet on every game. Please forgive me for the under bets. It should be noted that there are not many of them. Also these bets were made on the old scientific gut feeling and I have taken the liberty of saying what that immediate thought was when the pick was made.

Act One

12:15pm – Florida -1

I don’t think Virginia Tech is good and the Florida team showed a lot of heart after losing Keyontae Johnson at the beginning of the year.

12:45pm – Arkansas -8.5

The Colgate kids played like two teams this season. They are in way over their heads because Arkansas is literally mean. They may try to just kill them.

1:15pm – Illinois TTO 40.5 *1st Half

This isn’t the Colonial Athletic Conference or a Disney movie. Illinois is going to straight up kill these kids. They’re bullies so a 50 burger in the first half isn’t out of the question.

1:45pm – Texas Tech TTO 31.5 *1st Half

I don’t care what the people out west say about Utah State’s defense. This is Texas Tech, not Fresno State.

Act Two

3:00pm – Oral Roberts TTO 69.5

The Buckeyes play zero defense and the Oral Roberts kids just want to fly up and down the court jacking up threes. I think they get 70.

3:30pm – Hartford/Baylor Over 67 *1st Half

Baylor might hang 50 on these kids so if Hartford doesn’t completely suck, we get 67 out of these two in the first half.

4:00pm – Georgia Tech TTO 27.5 * 1st Half

Look, I get that no one believes in the Yellow Jackets but come on, they can get at least 28 in the first half. The Loyola kids are good but they aren’t magic.

4:30pm – Oregon State TTO 28.5 *1st Half

This is another team that everyone already thinks peaked but still. They should at least get into the 30s in the first half before the game slows down.

Act Three

6:25pm – Liberty TTO 30.5 *1st Half

This is my favorite one of the day. I like Oklahoma State as much as the next guy but Liberty is better than people think. I think they get into the 30s by halftime.

7:10pm – UNC -120

If you’ve watched even a second of Wisconsin basketball this season you know they are not good. UNC started coming together at the end of the year. Good enough for me.

7:15pm – Houston TTO 77.5

These kids seem like assholes. Not in real life, just on the court. They are constantly beating the hell out of lesser teams and Cleveland State qualifies as a lesser team.

7:25pm – North Texas/Purdue Under 126.5

I tried to think of anything I could to not take an under but it is what it is. This could be the most boring game of the day. I’m still watching though.

Act Four

9:20pm – Rutgers -120

I bet the Scarlet Knights win this game. Wouldn’t be crazy.

9:40pm – Syracuse/San Diego State Over 138

This has a “the over has no chance until the second half when a free-throw marathon breaks out” type of feel to it. As a result, I took the over.

9:50pm – West Virginia -12

This is another one where it feels like we’re about to watch a giant snake eat a little mouse. On television.

9:57pm – Winthrop TTO 31.5 *1st Half

I didn’t have the gonads to take Winthrop plus the points but I bet they give Villanova a run. If Georgetown and Providence could get into the 30s in the first half against the Wildcats, why can’t Winthrop?

Bet Every Game – Friday

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