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Bet Every Game – Saturday

Bet Every Game - Saturday

Bet Every Game – Saturday

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you made it through the first day. People make jokes about guys who just sit around and gamble all day but it’s not easy. Especially when you’re drinking.

I’m not even sure how much I’m up or down right now because we are in a war. We can count the bodies when it’s over. Just going by how I feel right now, I think I’m up but again, it’s hard to tell. I broke Saturday down into acts so it’s a little easier to digest. 4 games at a time is nothing especially since we just went through this yesterday. May god be with you if you tail these.

Act One

12:15pm – Georgetown TTO 30.5 *1st Half

I think the Hoyas are toast but come on, they have to score at least 31 in the first half.

12:45pm – Florida State -10.5

It’s statement time after losing to Georgia Tech in the ACC Tournament. The Seminoles are going to scalp these kids.

1:15pm – Eastern Washington +10.5

Here’s the thing, Kansas isn’t that good and Eastern Washington is a lot better than people think. Watch out for the Eagles.

1:45pm – St. Bonaventure TTO 71.5

Not trying to be that guy but the Bonnies can win this game. If they do, they will need more than 71.5 points and if they don’t, I still think they score 71.5 points. Seems like a no brainer.

Act Two

3:00pm – Texas Southern TTO 25.5 *1st Half

I would bet my house these Texas Southern kids get at least 26 points in the first half. Michigan should blow them out but the Tigers should score a few points.

3:30pm – UC Santa Barbara TTO 66.5

I’ll bite. Jon Rothstein says these kids are good so I believe him. Thing is, even if they don’t win or cover, I bet they still score at least 67 points in this game.

4:00pm – Alabama TTO 82.5

This is probably the end of the road for Slick Rick and Iona. It’s was fun but Bama might score 100 in this one.

4:30pm – USC -6.5

The Trojans are going to beat the dog shit out of Drake. The Bulldogs will have a hard time scoring over 60. I give them a 0% chance of covering this number.

Act Three

6:25pm – Grand Canyon +15

Here’s the thing, Iowa is nice and all but the Grand Canyon kids are huge. They can rebound and shoot at a high percentage. I’m not saying they are going to win this game but I bet they cover 15.

7:10pm – Maryland/UConn Over 130

This will be a butt squeezer. It won’t be high scoring but it will be just enough to get over on free throws at the end.

7:15pm – Ohio/Viginia Over 62 *1st half

I know Xavier, don’t take Virginia overs. Hear me out though, that only goes for full games. Go back and look at recent first halves. They can get over this low number.

7:25pm – Oklahoma PK *1st Half

De’Vion Harmon won’t play in this one because of Covid-19 but I think that makes them hungrier in the first half. It makes sense if you don’t think about it.

Act Four

9:20pm – Norfolk State/Gonzaga Over 73.5 *1st Half

The Zags might drop a 50 burger in the first half. Norfolk State will no doubt come out and try to run but honestly, they don’t have the horses. They will get dragged and it will start early.

9:40pm – UCLA +3.5

I’m going in again with this bunch. Thursday night needs an encore plus I really think they can at minimum cover this number. Now is not the time to bet against Tyler Campbell.

9:50pm – Abilene Christian/Texas Over 66 *1st Half

There is no chance this bet loses. Zero percent.

9:57pm – VCU/Oregon Over 137

VCU is not some clown show. I think they can hang with Oregon and if they do, this one goes over. Even if they don’t, this one still goes over. It’s a classic win/win.

Bet Every Game – Saturday

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