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Bet Every Game – Thursday

Bet Every Game - Thursday

Bet Every Game – Thursday

We something big last year when the pandemic hit and it made me realize something. When there are NCAA Tournament games on, I should be betting them. Not just some of them, all of them. We can’t not let the 2020 NCAA Tournament die in vain. We’re better than that.

So this year and every year after this one that I am still alive for, I’m betting every NCAA Tournament game. It’s the right thing to do. You can’t win if you don’t bet. That’s a scientific fact.

Also keep in mind that we are betting cash on teenagers throwing a ball at a hoop. Some of these are going to miss, but shooters just keep shooting. The only way to get your money back is to keep betting. It’s science. And math. And fun.

One note, every bet I make will be engineered for fun first. Unders are not fun and they will only be bet when there is an overlapping over play happening. We have to have rules in this world and that one is mine.

5:10pm –¬†Texas Southern TTO 31.5 * 1st Half

This one is tricky because I have not seen a second of Texas Southern basketball this season but this feels right. Mount St Mary’s does the thing where they play loose early and then tighten up in the second half. That’s why the total is so low. Texas Southern plays at the 41st fastest pace in the country and they have gone over 31.5 in the first half of every game they’ve played since February 1st. Good enough for me.

6:27pm – Drake -1

A lot of people forget that Wichita State sucks. This is not their year and these are not the same Shockers from years past. If you have watched them play, they don’t pass the eyeball test. Drake lost Roman Penn who was nice, but they were not a one-trick pony in the first place. They should be fine against the Wichita State kids.

8:40pm – Norfolk State TTO 30.5 * 1st Half

If I could bet every first half team total over I would. They are the most electric bet in all of sports, especially in the tournament. We don’t get a lot of Norfolk State games on our televisions up in Massachusetts so I’m kind of going in a little blind here. The thing is, 31 points in the first half is just not a lot. Go through their game logs, they do this routinely. That’s good enough for me.

9:57pm – UCLA +2

Here’s where a little veteran leadership can help you out. Some guys are going to take the first half of this one and then realize they don’t have anymore action in the second half. Not us. We’re good for the whole time. Till midnight baby. I don’t have much “analysis” on this one, let’s just say “I like the Bruins”.

Bet Every Game – Thursday

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