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Clemson-LSU Pick 1-13-20

Clemson-LSU Pick 1-13-20

Clemson-LSU Pick 1-13-20

I got lucky today. It really feels like someone or something is watching over me. I know this feeling because it has happened to me a couple times in my adult life and I will never forget the first time. Let me fill you in because you need to know how this works.

Years ago, I was headed to work at about 4:45 one afternoon when I saw a little boy that couldn’t have been more than 4 years old walking an adult golden retriever. His parents were behind him pushing a baby stroller looking like how new parents pretend their life is on Facebook. All of the sudden, the dog saw something in the street and darted after it pulling the little boy at least 10 feet before he finally let go. The dog never made it to the middle of the street because a brand new Toyota Camry smashed right into the dog. The dog literally exploded. It was a scene.

The thing that stood out the most was that the dog caused a lot of damage to the Camry and the first thing I remember thinking was “who pays for that?” Does insurance cover it or what? It was at that moment that I realized I had not yet paid my car insurance for the month and there is a good chance it has already lapsed. I ran back into the house, got on the Geico website and what do you know, my insurance was going to lapse at 5 pm that day. The time, 4:54 pm. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see that dog get waxed by the Camry. Had I not seen that, I would have surely been driving uninsured for God knows how long. Someone or something was looking out for me that day.

The exact same thing happened today except no dog had to die for me to be helped which is always cool. I am going out with a group of guys to watch this Clemson-LSU game so I have to bet the over. I simply don’t have a choice but all week long I was dreading taking Over 70. Well, I went to bet the game this morning and in the first ten minutes of watching the line, it went from 68.5 to 67.5! I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I’ll take it. Wait until we see the line go back up before kickoff. Then tell me then that there is not a higher power saying, “Get hammered and take the over John.”

The way I see it, Clemson is scoring 30+. LSU is scoring 40+. If are familiar with math, you can see that 70+ is more than 67.5 so we win. This is easy.

Clemson got so lucky to not give up more points to Ohio State. The two times Ohio State failed to score a touchdown from inside the Clemson’s 5 in the first 16 minutes of the game set the tone for that one. I give Clemson zero chance of stopping GOAT Burrow tonight especially when they get into the red zone. Out of 130 teams, no team scored more passing touchdowns in the red zone than LSU. I get that Clemson was good defensively in the red zone but guess who they didn’t see? GOAT Burrow. When LSU gets down there, they will put it into the end zone.

Here is the thing though, Clemson is not some bs offense. The LSU defense gave up 39 touchdowns this season and if we are being honest, the Ohio State defense was better and Clemson dropped 29 on them after starting so slow. So even if I am wrong about LSU being able to score at will, we still could get the over because if Clemson gets rolling and┬áLSU has to chase points, this game will go over 100. Even if I am wrong about the LSU offense, I will still be right with this bet. Most importantly, it will be a good night at the bar. See you guys at the cashier’s cage after the game.

Clemson-LSU Pick 1-13-20

  • Clemson-LSU Over 67.5

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Clemson-LSU Pick 1-13-20

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