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Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review

Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review

Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review

Don’t look now but the Cleveland Browns might actually be good. I know we heard this same thing last season because of their roster but a glaring issue the Super Bowl forecasters overlooked was head coach, Freddie Kitchens. Freddie is gone now, replaced by Kevin Stefanski, while the talented roster has actually been upgraded, especially along the porous offensive line that allowed 41 sacks last season. Picture the 2019 Minnesota Vikings with a better quarterback, offensive line, tight ends and wide receivers and even possibly better running backs. That’s the 2020 Browns offense in a nutshell.

In terms of fantasy, Nick Chubb is the one that stands out the most to me in terms of value. As of right now, Nick Chubb is going 17th overall in 12-Team PPR drafts as the eighth running back selected. That is an insane value for a guy that I think will finish in the season as a top 5 running back which is currently going as the 6th overall pick (Alvin Kamara). It’s not crazy to think he could be the best back in fantasy not named Saquon, Ezekiel or Christian.

Fantasy players seem to be afraid of the presence of Kareem Hunt in the same backfield but in games with Hunt active, Chubb still averaged 18 carries per game. From week 10 on, Chubb ranked as the #15 back in fantasy so that’s bad, but in my opinion, that had more to do with the fact that he only scored two touchdowns during those weeks. There are plenty of reasons to believe that won’t happen again this season.

One thing I look for when finding running backs is carries inside the 10 yard line. Pretty simple, runs near the goal-line have a better chance of producing touchdowns. Last season, no running back in the NFL had more rushing attempts from inside the 10 yard line than Nick Chubb. Two backs (Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook) also had 32 carries but of those carries, Cook’s went for 11 touchdowns while McCaffrey’s went for 10. Our boy Chubb’s only resulted in 4. I find it hard to believe that after adding Jack Conklin and Jedrick Willis to the offensive line in the offseason, it’s hard to imagine those 4 touchdowns not moving into double digits. Especially in Kevin Stefanski’s offense which Cook played in last year.

If you are worried about receiving numbers for Chubb, don’t. Obviously receiving is important in PPR but Chubb was the #8 back last season and he didn’t do much at all in the receiving game as he posted a 36-287-0 line on 49 targets. He would need to average 2.25 receptions for 18 yards per game to replicate what he did last season in the receiving game. If anything, in Stefanski’s offense that targeted running backs 8th most in the NFL last season, Chubb receiving numbers could actually see positive regression. Even with Hunt in the mix.

Right now, the Cleveland Browns are +565 to win the AFC North, +125 to make the playoffs and our win total is set at 8.5. With the changes to the coaching staff and offensive line, there really is no reason to think that the Browns can’t contend for the playoffs but +125 is pretty short odds for them. I doubt they win the AFC North so the only thing left to look into would be the win total and the Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review should help with that.

Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review

Week 1 – @ Ravens

No real advantage in Week 1 other than home field. Fair fight.

Week 2 – Bengals (TNF)

Home opener for the Browns. The Bengals will be coming off of a home game against a non-division opponent (Chargers). They will then head to Philadelphia to play the Eagles in Week 3.

Week 3 – Redskins

Second home game in a row as well as extra rest for the Browns after playing the Bengals on Thursday Night of Week 2. Washington will play their second road game in a row after facing the Cardinals in Glendale in Week 2. They go home to play a non-conference opponent (Ravens) in Week 4.

Week 4 – @ Cowboys

The Cowboys play the Seahawks in Seattle in Week 3. They stay home to play a division rival (Giants) in Week 5.

Week 5 – Colts

Indianapolis plays on the road versus a non-conference opponent (Bears) in Week 4. They head back home to play the Bengals in Week 6.

Week 6 – @ Steelers

This will be the Steelers second straight home game. They play a non-conference opponent (Eagles) in Week 5. After this one, they go to Baltimore for a showdown with the Ravens.

Week 7 – @ Bengals

Cincinnati will be coming off of a road game with a non-division opponent (Colts) in Week 6. They take on the Titans at home in Week 8.

Week 8 – Raiders

The Raiders have a primetime Sunday Night game with the Buccaneers in Vegas in Week 7. They have a road game with a division rival (Chargers) in Week 9.

Week 9 – Bye

This will be Kevin Stefanski’s first game after a bye week as a head coach.

Week 10 – Texans

The Texans will be coming off of a road game versus a division opponent (Jaguars) in Week 9. They take on the Patriots at home in Week 11.

Week 11 – Eagles

Third straight home game for Cleveland (4th week at home including the bye). The Eagles have a road game against a division opponent (Giants) in Week 10. They head home for a Monday Night game with the Seahawks in Week 12.

Week 12 – @ Jaguars

This is the second straight home game for the Jaguars. The first one is against the Steelers in Week 11. They head to Minnesota to play the Vikings in Week 13.

Week 13 – @ Titans

The Titans have a road game versus a division opponent (Colts) in Week 12. They have another road tilt with a division foe (Jaguars) in Week 14. Not a “real” sandwich game though.

Week 14 – Ravens (MNF)

Last primetime game of the regular season for the Browns. The Ravens will be working with extra rest/prep time after playing the Cowboys at home in the Thursday Night game of Week 13. They travel back to Baltimore for a non-divisional game with the Jaguars.

Week 15 – @ Giants

The Browns have to travel on short rest for this one. This will be the second home game in a row for the Giants as they play the Cardinals at MetLife Stadium in Week 14. They go to Baltimore for a battle with the Ravens in Week 16.

Week 16 – @ Jets

This will be the second game in as many weeks at MetLife Stadium for the Browns. The Jets have a non-conference game in Los Angeles against the Rams in Week 15. They close out the season with a road game versus a divisional opponent (Patriots).

Week 17 – Steelers

This game could be for a playoff spot. The Steelers come into this one after having played the Colts in Indianapolis in Week 16.

If I was to touch any of the Browns’ season props it would be the win total over 8.5. I like the early games against the Bengals and Redskins that could (should) propel them to a 2-1 record. If they could catch a win against the Cowboys, Colts or Steelers in Weeks 4-6, they could conceivably go into their bye at 5-3. After the bye, they have the Texans, Jaguars, Giants and Jets which look like great opportunities for wins. I would NOT take their win total under 8.5 by any means.

Cleveland Browns 2020 Schedule Review

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