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Daniel Jones Prop Bet (11-2-20)

Daniel Jones Prop Bet (11-2-20)

Daniel Jones Prop Bet (11-2-20)

Do you know the mark of a champion? It’s not just about winning. It’s about how he reacts after a loss. In this case, how he reacts after watching the Titans lose to the Bengals, the Chargers blow a 20+ point lead, the 49ers never getting off the bus and the Cowboys never even considering throwing to Ezekiel Elliott. A champion doesn’t just let all that go. He doesn’t just say “ok books, take my money”. No way. Not by a long shot. Leave that to the Under bettors.

What a champion does is wake up, hit the liquor store, buy some Fireball, starts day drinking and dives into his sports book until he finds something to bet. That is the clear mark of a champion and that’s exactly what I did today. Champions are just built different. That’s what makes them champions.

  • Daniel Jones Over 25.5 Rushing Yards (-114)

This is so stupid easy and what makes it special is, we have two paths to cash. Only two teams in the entire NFL have sacked the QB more times than the Buccaneers this season (Steelers, Eagles) which is bad news for the Giants given that only one offensive line has allowed more pressure than them (Bears). All we really need is a 13 point favorite to jump out to a lead which will lead to obvious passing situations. At that point, we are getting scrambles out of Jones when he doesn’t have time which is how these things cash. Basically, the same thing that covered the Ben DiNucci Over 14.5 rushing yards last night.

The second way we get there is if the Giants want to give Jones some designed runs. No team in the NFL has given up less rushing yards to opposing RBs than the Buccaneers have this season so if the Giants want to move the ball on the ground, they may need to get creative. Toss in the fact that Wayne Gallman will be starting for injured Devonta Freeman and it’s easy to see why I have no faith in the Giants’ run game. Gallman has never produced anything when called upon and if we are being honest, I think Alfred Morris could outproduce him tonight. Frankly, the Giants won’t be able to run the ball in a traditional sense.

In his last five games, Jones has eclipsed 25.5 rushing yards in four of them with the only exception being the Dallas game. (In that game, the Giants were able to move the ball any which way they wanted to so Jones’s ground services were not needed.) It’s not like this kid is a statue back there, he can move. Given the predicted game script and the fact that the Giants should/could give him 2+ designed runs, I think he gets to this number with relative ease. It’s not like we’re asking this guy to go out there and break any records. Enjoy the game.

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Daniel Jones Prop Bet (11-2-20)

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