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DraftKings Sleepers Week 2 (2020)

DraftKings Sleepers Week 2 (2020)

DraftKings Sleepers Week 2 (2020)

Let’s just say, things happened last week. Some things were good, and some were bad but we watched football and that has to count for something. We watched Mitch come through for us. It felt weird counting on Mitch, but it worked. Marlon Mack was well on his way to an easy cash when he tore his Achilles so it’s hard to count that against me. (I’ll count it as a win.) N’Keal Harry looks like a loss at first glance with his 5-39 line, but when you consider that he fumbled reaching for the goal line, it turns into a win. Had he scored there, we are looking at a 5-41-1 line which would have been good for 15.1 DK points. Good enough for me. The only “bad” call was Hayden Hurst who pretty much did nothing in a shootout. That’s my bad. Happens to the best of us, but it won’t happen this week!


Mitch Trubisky – $5500 Draftkings

You laughed at me last week and Mitch came through so don’t laugh now. This is just a hunch but I don’t think the Bears are going to be able to move the ball on the ground and I think they will give up points so at some juncture, they will have to turn Mitch loose. It could be ugly but it could be glorious. Allen Robinson made a stink this week so he’s getting peppered with targets. That’s how these things work. He is also working against Corey Ballentine which sweetens the pot a little. We also can’t forget Anthony Miller in the slot against Darnay Holmes. I think this one is an undercover over and nobody in their right mind would play Mitch. Good enough for me.

Running Back

Nyheim Hines – $5300 Draftkings

Here’s the thing, everybody is going to play Jonathan Taylor this week because he’s a beast and the Vikings defense is what I would call, not great, because I’m nice and won’t say they suck (they do). The issue is, what happens when the Colts defense can’t stop the Vikings offense? What happens when Phillip Rivers gets in catch up mode? Nyheim Hines happens. That’s what. If I had to guess, which I do, I would say Hines comes damn near scoring what Taylor does, if not more, and he does it at a price and ownership discount. He’s not exactly a “sleeper”, but whatever, he counts as one.

Wide Receiver

Adam Humphries – $3400 DraftKings

We will need this dude to get into the end zone to hit value but even if he doesn’t, he will still get close on volume. The Jaguars didn’t look great against the run last week but they did look solid enough to contain Derrick Henry a little this week. I don’t think they stop him completely but he may not throw up a 200+ yard day. If that happens, we will have Humphries working against DJ Hayden for most of the day and he got straight up smoked last week to the tune of 100+ yards. I give him zero chance of hanging with Humphries this week and if our boy can score, his line will look a little like 7-80-1 which would be 21 points. That’s good production if you can get it by a guy priced to move at $3400.

Tight End

Noah Fant – $4400 Draftkings

Everybody knows who Noah Fant is but he is priced like a scrub so he gets included on this list. I have no idea why the Broncos stopped throwing to him last Monday Night but they did and they lost. That’s what happens when you don’t throw to a guy like Fant. This week, they will have to. The Steelers are going to put up points. It’s not a question of if they will, it’s more like how many. The issue for the Broncos is, they won’t be able to move the ball on the ground. They are going to need to throw the ball and they won’t have all day to do it. Our boy Fant will be working against Terrell Edmunds for most of the day so we win there. I have him down for a 7-90-1 type of day which is perfect for a guy priced in his range.

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