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DraftKings Sleepers Week 4 (2020)

DraftKings Sleepers Week 4 (2020)

DraftKings Sleepers Week 4 (2020)

If I remember right, last week’s list kicked ass. Major ass. Last week’s list does us no good though because we need guys for this week and I am dead serious when I say, this is the easiest week I have ever seen for DFS. It’s stupid. It’s right on time too because we need an easy one and we deserve one damn it. This week, it’s all about the cheap QB and the less than 1% WR. I am not trying to take the shine off the other two guys but I’ll just say I am most excited about the QB and WR. GPPs are going to be so stupid easy it’s not even funny. This is most likely my week and these are my guys! LFG!!


Ryan Fitzpatrick – $5400 Draftkings

People are going to give me shit about this one because they are going to say they were on him but here’s what’s going to happen. Guys (and girls) are going to have Fitz locked and loaded all week and then Saturday Night or Sunday Morning they are going to switch him out for a safer option. Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson all have ¬†good reasons to roster them so the idea that Fitzpatrick is chalky is crazy. He absolutely won’t be. You’re going to need his salary relief but his ceiling is massive when you consider that the Seahawks could be without Quinton Dunbar and Jamal Adams. Seattle has given up more passing yards than any other team in the NFL and it’s not even close. I think they will shut down the run as well as score on Miami forcing the Dolphins into letting Fitzmagic flash his junk (figuratively) all over the field. Fitz goes over 300 yards with at least two TDs finishing with 25+ points at less than 4% ownership on Draftkings.

Running Back

David Montgomery – $5500 Draftkings

It’s hard to find viable RBs under 3% but I think Montgomery has a little sneaky value this week. There is not a chance in hell that you will feel good about hitting the submit button with him in your lineup but that is true for almost anyone under 3% rostered. (It’s kind of why they aren’t more popular.) I’ll just come right out and say it, I don’t think Indy’s run defense is THAT good and I don’t know that their offense can build a big lead that would game script Montgomery out. If they could, then why didn’t they torch the Vikings and Jets? (Keep in mind, Sam Darnold threw two pick sixes so the Colts only really scored 22 points) Even if the Colts were to jump out to a big lead, does that mean Montgomery is game scripted out since Tarik Cohen is done for the year? He has a path to 20+ points with a 90-1 & 3-20 type day and if you are looking to pivot off of David Johnson (only in GPPs), then Montgomery is your guy.

Wide Receiver

Nelson Agholor – $3500 DraftKings

Nobody is playing this guy, nobody. But here’s the thing, if the Bills jump out to a lead and the Raiders are forced to throw, Agholor could have serious upside. First of all, he’s on the field which is important. Last week, without Henry Ruggs III available, Agholor led all Raiders’ WRs in snaps (85%) which was weird because he had not broken the 20% mark in the first two weeks. This week, there’s no Ruggs and no Edwards which leads me to believe Agholor will not only be on the field, but actually have a role. Especially if the Bills jump out to a lead. I don’t normally target WRs against the Bills but Agholor lines up everywhere including the slot where he will see Taron Johnson who has been horrible so far this season. Hunter Renfrow will be a little more popular than Agholor because of this but he is more expensive and I am nothing if not price conscious. Fire up Nelson and watch the world burn. (In a good way.)

Tight End

Mike Gesicki Р$5100 Draftkings

This one is scary because the Dolphins just didn’t play him last Thursday Night. Imagine having an absolute beast on your team that could just take over any game and saying, “no thanks, we’ll just let Durham Smythe handle things. Luckily for them, the Dolphins won the game even though Gesicki only played 30 snaps (49%). They won’t be so lucky this week because Russ Wilson demands your best. From a game script perspective, Gesicki looks to be in a solid position. He runs routes when he’s out there, he gets red zone targets and he’s going against a secondary that has been torched week after week. Best of all, Gesicki lines up in the slot over 75% of his snaps so he could see Ugo Amadi, who lost the slot corner role in training camp but has been thrust into action after Marquise Blair went down in Week 2. Gesicki is 6’6″ and Amadi is 5’9”. I don’t know what that truly means but it’s worth noting especially on those money targets in the end zone. Even with this delicious matchup, I don’t think a lot of guys (and girls) will play Gesicki this week. I think that’s a mistake.

DraftKings Sleepers Week 4 (2020)

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