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Draftkings Week 2 Targets (2020)

Draftkings Week 2 Targets (2020)

Draftkings Week 2 Targets (2020)

NY Giants @ Chicago Bears

Saquon Barkley – $8400 Draftkings

Alright, so Barkley ruined a lot of Showdown lineups Monday Night but we have to give him a pass. That was the Steelers defense. This week, we’re getting a pissed off Barkley facing a Bears run defense that just made Adrian Peterson look young again last week. Eddie Goldman isn’t walking through the door this week and I would expect Barkley to come in hot. The Giants weren’t shy about using him in the pass game either and it’s not crazy to say he could get targeted 6+ times this week even if the Giants play with a lead. I think he goes over 100 yards rushing, 40+ receiving and a touchdown or two this week.

Anthony Miller – $5200 Draftkings

I see this one playing out just like last week for the Bears and even if it doesn’t, Miller should hit value since he only got a $200 bump in salary on DK. He lined up in the slot almost exclusively in Week 1 and if that happens again, he should see a lot of Darnay Holmes whom he should embarrass. If the Bears get behind again this week and are forced to throw, Miller will be in line for a 8+ target day which will give him enormous upside at his price. I don’t even care that Mitch is his QB, play him.


SF 49ers @ NY Jets

Jimmy Garoppolo – $5700 Draftkings

I really don’t want to play anyone on this team since the production is bound to be spread out but if I had to, it would be Jimmy. Make no mistake, he was not good last week but the Jets did give up 300+ passing yards to Josh Allen so there is that. I think the Jets will turn into a pass funnel since their run defense appears to be very good. If that’s the case, then the 49ers should be able to move the ball via the air just like the Bills did last week even if George Kittle is out or limited. Jimmy is more of a GPP target this week and if I was doing a “Jimmy build”, it would be with Brandon Aiyuk if he plays. The hopes there is to get lucky as hell with a very low owned stack but success is not out of the realm of possibilities since only two teams gave up more receiving yards to the WR position than the Jets did in Week 1. There could be some meat on that bone although it is not too likely.

Jets ST/D – $2000 Draftkings

This is the route I may go with this game. I don’t even think this is THAT crazy. The 49ers are banged up and if Kittle misses this one, who are they throwing to? The one thing they have going for themselves is the run game but what if one of the best run defenses in the NFL (yes the Jets, look it up), can slow them down? Garoppolo was not great last week and the Niners have the travel across the country with limited receiving options. The only thing they really have going for themselves is that they lost last week so they should come ready. Even with that, if the Jets can manage 5+ DK points (Arizona got 6 last week), I’m fine with it given the savings they offer at the $2K price point.


Detroit Lions @ GB Packers

Aaron Rodgers – $6900 Draftkings

Let’s not get cute here guys. We’re talking Aaron Rodgers in full FU mode in the home opener against a secondary that just let Mitch throw 3 TDs in a game (again). Here’s the thing, Jeff Okudah and Desmond Trufant might not play and Justin Coleman definitely won’t be available so there is literally nobody to stop Rodgers from flashing his junk all over the place. Close your eyes and try to envision Amani Oruwariye trying to cover Davante Adams. The best part is, the Packers defense borderline sucks so it’s not crazy to think this one turns into a shootout. The total opened at 46 and has been bet up to 49.5 so I am not the only one that things fireworks are in the forecast. Be warned, Rodgers might (will) go off.

Danny Amendola – $4800 Draftkings

This one is better if Kenny Golladay does not play but even if he does, Amendola is still worth his salary in my book. First off, there is zero chance the Lions are able to stop an angry Aaron Rodgers. You saw what Mitch did to them last week, now imagine what an actual elite QB can do. Once this one gets out of hand, and it will, Matthew Stafford will be forced to throw, throw and throw some more. While I like Stafford at his price ($6200), I think the best Lion for the buck is Amendola at a sub $5K price point. He should see Chandon Sullivan a ton and since we are in the Trust Tree, in the nest, I will tell you that Sullivan is going to get smoked. Why would you throw at Jaire Alexander and Kevin King when Sullivan is an option? Amendola makes sense this week.


LA Rams @ Philadelphia Eagles

Tyler Higbee – $4700 Draftkings

Sounds crazy but I think Higbee borderline goes off this Sunday. After watching last week, he’s clearly the TE of choice for the Rams since he was on the field for 89% of the snaps and he is clearly still a beast after breaking off a 20+ yard play when it looked like he was getting nothing. Yet he’s still priced like a bum at $4700. What gives? The thing is, the Rams are not going to be able to just big boy the Eagles in the run game like they did to the Cowboys last week. They will have to figure out another way to move the ball and that is where Higbee comes in. I really don’t think Jalen Mills can handle him and as a team the Eagles just gave up a 4-37-1 line on 8 targets to TE Logan Thomas last week. Higbee would stomp that line if he is targeted 8 times this week.

Miles Sanders – $6000 Draftkings

I might be crazy but in DFS, you have to do things that might not always make that much sense. I honestly don’t think a lot of people will play Miles Sanders this week even though he could go off. We all saw what Zeke did last week and while Sanders is not quite Zeke, he isn’t that far off. Zeke did his damage on 22 carries and Sanders has never seen more than 20 carries in a game so there is that but still. Sanders could easily catch 5+ passes in this one since the Rams secondary should lock down the Eagles WRs. If Sanders could just get into the end zone once, he could be a 25+ point scorer this week on Draftkings. I’m in.


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

Keelan Cole – $4300 Draftkings

Make no mistake, I am not going to target this game but if I am tempted to play Keelan Cole. It looks like he has taken Dede Westbrook’s job so if you hear later in the week that Westbrook is starting over him, then all bets are off. The way I see it, Cole is actually good and he is going to get matched up against Tennessee’s slot man, Chris Jackson, who is not good. That’s it, that’s the logic. The only reason I am not totally on Cole everywhere, is because I hate WRs that are not involved in shootouts. This game probably won’t be a shootout but with that being said, I will have a few lineups in GPPs with Cole. It’s not crazy to think he catches 5+ passes and gets into the end zone.

Jonnu Smith – $4200 Draftkings

It might not look like it by his line of 4-36-1, but Jonnu looks like the breakout candidate everyone except me thought he was. He was targeted 7 times on Monday Night and it didn’t look weird at all. It didn’t look like they were forcing the issue. Smith is just a guy that they are going to go to this season if the best way to describe the situation. Up next for Jonnu is the Jaguars who allowed a 5-69 line to TEs in Week 1. Here’s a secret, the Colts don’t have a Jonnu on their roster. At $4200, we are not asking Jonnu to set any records to get to value. His floor is safe here and there is always the upside of a 25+ point day if he gets the work he deserves. Play him.


Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Teddy Bridgewater – $5800 Draftkings

There are better QB plays out there this week but Bridgewater is a great shot in the dark GPP move because Christian McCaffrey won’t be able to run the ball on Tampa. Like, at all. Last season they played Tampa twice and neither time did McCaffrey go over 37 yards rushing. I would expect more of the same this week. What’s better is, I think Tampa will score all over the Carolina defense which will likely force Teddy’s hand in throwing the ball. It will take a 300+ with 3+ TD day for Teddy to get home at his current salary so we are shooting the moon a bit here but you gotta do that in DFS. He at least makes for an intriguing game stack piece because if Carolina scores 20+ points, it will be on the back of Teddy.

Ronald Jones II – $5200 Draftkings

I wanted to go all Tom Brady on this one because you know he has just been watching film and eating avocado ice cream all week waiting for this one but there is one big problem with that. The Buccaneers are going to be able to run the ball all over the Panthers which sets up better for Jones who didn’t look bad in Week 1. Even with game script working against him, Jones still had 17 carries Week 1 so there is reason to believe he could see 20+ in this one. The Buccaneers would be crazy to not just pound the ball at a team that can’t stop the run given their WR injury issues. The only real issue is, if the Buccaneers start killing these guys, do we see more Leonard Fournette in the later stages? This line opened at 8 and has been bet up to 9.5 so people like the Buccs in a beatdown. Even if that happens, Jones could still hit value though. I think he’s worth the risk this week.


Denver Broncos @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Noah Fant – $4400 Draftkings

If the Broncos were smart, they would just throw it to Fant every time until someone stops him. It’s like having Mike Vick in Madden back in the day, he’s unstoppable. Here’s what is going to happen in this one, the Steelers are going to shut the run down. Completely. Again. Then, once the Broncos get down and stop trying to run because it’s pointless, our boy Fant gets peppered with targets. They literally lost a game last week because they stopped throwing to him so they may just overcompensate this week. Either way, as good as Terrell Edmunds (assuming he is covering) is, I don’t think he can hang with Noah. At $4400, this guy is a steal.

Diontae Johnson – $4500 Draftkings

I am only saying this once. Get on the Diontae Johnson train while it’s under $5K because it won’t be here for long. With AJ Bouye out, the Broncos are going to be in no man’s land when it comes to covering WRs. This is not the Titans at home. We are talking Big Ben in Pittsburgh here. JuJu Smith-Schuster will roast Bryce Callahan in the slot. We know this, but it’s Johnson who has the best chance to be a per dollar gem. I am expecting a minimum of 7 catches to go along with at least 80 yards. If he gets into the end zone, we feast. So just get into the end zone Diontae!


Atlanta Falcons @ Dallas Cowboys

Julio Jones – $7400 Draftkings

So you know what’s funny? The Falcons are going to win this game and they are going to put up points. In situations like that, I bust out Julio. Especially when he is priced to move like this. Here’s how I see it, Calvin Ridley got fed last week so now it’s Julio’s turn. It’s only fair. Since we are talking shootout, there will be plenty of opportunities for Julio to get looks in the red zone. We are looking at 10+ catches, 100+ yards and at least 1 TD. High value touches combined with volume between the 20’s makes for a big week. It’s math. And science.

Ezekiel Elliott – $8200 Draftkings

Normally I would take a QB when I think the other team is going to score at will but not this time. I love Dak and I think he puts up a good stat line but what’s the deal with all of the short passes? His average depth of target was in the 6’s so something is up. With their O-line banged up, it’s not crazy to think that the Falcons can get pressure. I’m guessing this leads to more Zeke in the passing game. Not an illegal amount of Zeke, but just enough to get us by. Let’s say like 5 catches for 45+ yards or so. Add that on to the 100+ rushing yards he’s going to have and we have a pretty sweet day going for ourselves. Zeke looks great and he’s going 30+ this week.


Minnesota Vikings @ Indianapolis Colts

Adam Thielen – $7200 Draftkings

The Vikings threw the ball five times in the first half of last week’s loss to the Packers so it’s odd that I like a WR but I do. For one, Thielen was targeted on four of throws and two, weird stuff was happening (safeties, etc). I don’t think the Vikings are that averse to throwing the ball and as bad as the Packers pass defense is, the Colts are probably worse. It doesn’t matter what side he lines up on, Thielen is going to torch either Rock Ya-Sin or ex-teammate, Xavier Rhodes. All we need is this one to go back and forth a little, which it should given the Vikings defense, and Thielen ends up with close to 10 catches for whatever yards. I think he is the only show in town right now for Minnesota in the WR department and that’s good enough for me.

Jonathan Taylor – $5700 Draftkings

Let’s not get cute here guys. Taylor is going to be highly owned this week but it is what it is. Sometimes you have to eat the chalk and sometimes it tastes good. This is one of those times. He is a cash game staple because he should go for 100+ and a touch this week. Not only that but he catches passes too now. Last week the Colts had a hard time getting anything going on the ground but that shouldn’t be the case this week. The Vikings run defense is not what it has been in past seasons and it will show this week on the road against a team that wants to bully. No matter what the game script, Taylor will be on the field contributing so lock him in just like everyone else.


Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

Zack Moss – $4800 Draftkings

The Buffalo Bills are going to bully the Dolphins all afternoon on Sunday. We know this. You just saw what the Patriots did to them last week, this is just a replay. The only difference for the Bills this week is the fact that they will be able to move the ball on the ground. As much as we make fun of the Jets, they don’t have a bad run defense. It’s leaps and bounds better than the Dolphins’ and it will show this week. Zack Moss got the money touches inside the 5 last week but he wasn’t able to do anything with them. It’s not easy to penetrate the Jets line, but with the Dolphins, it’s hot dog down a hallway time. I am guessing Moss gets close to 20 DK points in this one. Good enough for me given the salary relief.

DeVante Parker – $5900 Draftkings

There is not a chance in hell I would play even one Dolphin this week but if I was going to, it would be Parker. The RBs are not going to get the volume to play confidently so that is a no go. The Bills secondary is literally a no fly zone so QBs, WRs and TEs aren’t the best idea either. Best case scenario for Parker is, the Bills jump out to a lead and force Miami to play from behind. If that happens, we may get the volume he needs. I would guess Tre’Davious White will cover Parker but seriously, I think Parker can hang. He went 7-135 and 5-55-1 against the Bills last year so why not again? I doubt anyone plays Parker this week which will make him a GPP target to consider.


Washington Football Team @ Arizona Cardinals

Logan Thomas – $3600 Draftkings

This is likely everyone’s under the radar pick for this week so he should be heavily represented in GPPs. We all know why. Last season the Cardinals were horrific against the TE position and gave up 6 more TDs to the position than the next closest team. Here comes a low-priced Logan Thomas with a team high 8 targets last week and boom, we have instant chalk. I think there is merit to Thomas as I think the Football Team will fall behind in this one even though I do respect their defense. They got lucky as all hell last week with Carson Wentz just giving them the game but that’s another story. At $3600, we just need Thomas to do the bare minimum. I expect even more though.

Kyler Murray – $6100 Draftkings

This is a GPP dart at best since I think we are still working on figuring out how good Washington’s defense is. Was last week a fluke? Are they going to be dominate against healthy o-lines? Will they shut down WRs all season? These are legit questions right now. It’s weird to see them actually good at anything so playing people against them is going to be rough until we get some of these questions answered. For now, if I was going to play anyone, it would be Murray because of rushing upside and their offense. Washington didn’t have to defend a mobile QB last week and they could still be on a high from that win. I don’t see who you could possibly target other than Murray on this team given their price points. They all seem like good fades to me.


KC Chiefs @ LA Chargers

Sammy Watkins – $4800 Draftkings

I’m fading the Chiefs offense this week but if I had to pick someone to toss into a GPP as a one off, it’s Watkins. This is more of a process of elimination thing for me. The Chargers have famously held Patrick Mahomes in check in the last couple years so paying up for him is a no go for me. A ceiling game for him seems unlikely. Usually when that happens you just take the RB and run but CEH is priced up at $7400 so that is cause for pause too. The Chargers held Joe Mixon in check last week for the most part and even though that is not an exact comp, it’s good enough for me. The only guy that looked shaky was Casey Hayward Jr. and he looks like he will be covering Watkins this week for the most part. If you need a GPP dart, this one looks OK.

Hunter Henry – $5100 Draftkings

The Chiefs gave up a TD to a TE last week so that’s a good start. The Texans don’t typically throw a ton to their TEs and they ended up going for a 4-58-1 line on just four targets. I don’t think this one will be high scoring even though the total is in the high 40’s but I do think the Chiefs take control at some point and force the Chargers into throwing. If we get the whole fourth quarter that would be great but we don’t necessarily need it. I don’t know that the Chargers WR group can beat the Chiefs secondary so the only real mismatch is with Henry. He was targeted 8 times last week so with any luck, we can get a repeat performance and a TD to go with it. A 6-90-1 line puts us at 21 points which is not bad at his price point.


Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans

J.K. Dobbins – $5100 Draftkings

Yet another GPP dart throw but he is a damn good one. I don’t know if you noticed, but the Texans got shredded on the ground by Clyde Edwards-Helaire in Week 1. Like bad. Not to take anything away from CEH but the lanes he had to run through were massive. That’s not a good thing with Baltimore coming to town. Dobbins didn’t do much against the Browns in Week 1 other than the two short TDs, but if we are being honest here in the trust tree, I think the Browns run defense might be good. We could be in for a completely different game in Houston this Sunday. I think the Ravens run all over the Texans and I think Dobbins is the guy you want in the Ravens’ backfield.

David Johnson – $5800 Draftkings

The Ravens smashed the Browns last week. We all saw it, it was embarrassing. Here is one thing that I noticed though, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt combined for 132 yards on 23 carries. That’s not bad at all. If the Texans can keep this game even borderline close and get Johnson 15+ rushes or so, then Johnson could pay off his salary. I hate to say it but Johnson looked good against the Chiefs. I wouldn’t trade Deandre Hopkins for him but still, he looked good. With Duke Johnson questionable, maybe David gets some extra love in the pass game too. Either way, he is playable in cash or GPPs and I don’t think he will be very high owned. He could be a good pivot from Jonathan Taylor.

Draftkings Week 2 Targets (2020)

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