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Edmond Sumner Prop Night

Edmond Sumner Prop

Edmond Sumner Prop Night

It’s NFL Draft night for most of us and that’s fine but we have to pay a little attention to the NFL. As discussed on the NFL Draft Pod, we have to remember that football is not “back”. We are still months away from anything meaningful when it comes to the NFL. Obviously we want to bet it, but let’s make sure the NBA is getting some shine. That’s the sport that will carry us for the next few months.

Tonight, we’ve been given a gift from the sports betting gods. For whatever reason, DraftKings is pretending that Edmond Sumner isn’t playing his ass off right now. Like he didn’t just drop 20+ points in back to back games recently.

I know that he just had a dud against the Portland Trail Blazers but he was in foul trouble. It happens but luckily for Sumner, it doesn’t happen often. He’s been playing major minutes lately with Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis and Jeremy Lamb being out but has only been in foul trouble one other time. As a result, I think we’re good to go tonight.

While playing his point total looks like the move, us sharp guys are looking at his assists prop on DraftKings. Right now, it’s at 1.5 (+170). That’s crazy. In his last six games, he’s only gone under this total once. He even dropped six one game. This is worth a bet.

Sumner isn’t exactly an “assist guy” but we don’t need him to be. We just need two. Give me a fast break or a catch and shoot three and we’re home. How hard is that?

Edmond Sumner Over 1.5 Assists (+170) *DraftKings

This isn’t all I have for tonight. Not by a long shot.

Edmond Sumner Prop Night

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