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Celtics Pacers Odds Move 3-10-2020

I’m a simple man. I like to use one book. I like to have all my money on that book. Right now, the Barstool Sportsbook has a problem that some of us are experiencing where we can’t view our active or settled bets which in turn takes away the cash out option if we get crushed by line movement. In this day with covid and randomness, especially in the NBA we need that cashout optionioniony. They said they should have it fixed by 3/29. Just in time for absolutely nothing. Silver lining though, we get a risk free bet on FanDual.

NCAA/NBA 4 Team Parlay: +931

Michigan St – ML
Oklahoma St +3
Virginia – ML
Nets -3

Sparty in March is habitually a GD buzzsaw. Maryland isnt exactly one of my favorite teams to bet against but Michigan St has to defend its street credit here and fight their way into the tourney. Gimme Izzo and State to win, thus gaining street credit.

Cade and Likekele are likely to play. Coulda sworn these teams just played a few moons ago and it was Da Boys taking that one outright as pups on the road without those two. Definitely taking Oklahoma St +3.

Virginia is like that intramural team filled with accounting majors that somehow is really good. They beat teams with ex-athletes and guys who got cut from the real team with defense, 3 point shooting, analytics and by debiting the debits and crediting the credits. The -5.5 is a little dicey because Cuse can shoot themselves in or out of this one so I’m gonna play it safe on the risk free bet with the Cavs on the moneyline. Definitely still like the ATS but let’s not be too greedy.

Im just not gonna NOT bet the Nets when they are only laying 3 points at home. I’ll see you guys up on that hill. With a six pack, some stogies and grilled meats ready to die on it if anyone wants to join me. If I’m not there I’ll be at the hypothetical window everyone frequents when they win bets on gambling twitter after we cash this son of a bitch!

I’ll see you guys out there! FBGM.

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