Free Parlay Friday! – NBA 1H Parlay

LaMelo Ball Prop Bet

The free parlays (0-4) have not come through for us this month, yet. However I think we got ourselves a gem for tonight. NCAA has been a bit slippery, hard to find consistency because of the parity and the different covid protocols. We’ve found the NBA has been a bit more consistent, profitable, and has more potential right now so we’re going to keep it in the association tonight for this 3 teamer.

NBA First Half (1H) Parlay: +579

Celtics -1.5
Suns -3
Warriors/Hornets – U 118

I know the Celtics haven’t exactly been living up to their potential thus far this year but you can argue the Pacers have been even more of a let down. Injuries have crushed both these teams, but right now Boston has the better roster available tobight and have been a pretty solid 1H bet. Lay the bucket point five here and flip over to the Suns/Bulls.

I can make similar arguments here for the boys from the desert heading into the Windy City tonight. The Suns being one of the top 1H teams laying 3 points against the Bulls who basically have beaten who they’re supposed to beat and lose to who they’re suppose to lose to this year. I expect the Suns to stay “hot” if you will.

See what I did there?

Color me under for the last leg. The last 7 times these 2 have gotten together have all resulted in unders. 7 of the last 10 and 10 of the last 15 Warriors games have all also failed to reach the total. Golden State was already boasting one of the leagues best defenses and they just got a big boost in the form of rim protectors Looney and Wiseman. Nice little measuring stick game for the youngest Ball brother going up against arguably the greatest pure shooter in history. I could see him pressing a little bit early against Curry, and the Hornets offense struggling to get footing early enough because if it to go over this 118 total.

Best of luck out there tonight. Friday’s tend to be a tad bit freaky so make sure you’re betting responsibly! If anyone is ever interested in getting all of my picks and parlays, just find me on twitter and send me a message!