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It’s Saturday. Everyone, gets, LAYED!

Duke Virginia Odds Move 2-29-2020

I’m not gonna church this one up, make it look pretty, and try and convince you guys to tail this mother hen you should already want to do it because you are still reading this article. I was brought on to kick ass and hit first half parlays, let’s try and accomplish one of those things today. Hopefully it’s the later, I really don’t feel like having to kick some random guys ass today.

NCAA 1H Parlayski: +1512

Illinois – ML
Virginia -1
St. Louis -1
VCU -1

If you guys do this parlay today we need you to stay positive and not give up if things don’t start off peachy. Illinois in probably the toughest matchup, so I understand if you guys want to stay away from that one but after the way they scrubbed up Michigan they’ve earned my wager today. I got Virginia on a luxury cruise, might be in for a pound session in that game. Color me excited to see the matchup between the big fella battle in the St. Louis/St. Bonaventure tilt but I’m going with the better back court in that one. A healthy VCU is a dangerous VCU. They are healthy so ya know. That makes them dangerous.

I coulda picked the 3 teamer or one of the 4 team +1200 parlays but I decided to go with the big boy. If you want the other ones come find me. I ain’t hiding.


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