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Liverpool – Ajax Bet 10-21-20

Liverpool - Ajax Bet 10-21-20

Liverpool – Ajax Bet 10-21-20

Before you read any further you should know one thing, I hate Liverpool. Like, abhor them. If you’re still interested in betting money based off of information a smug, biased degenerate like myself is going to feed you then you must hate Liverpool too or you’re desperate to take some action. Either way, you’re fine by me. Free money below.

  • Ajax Over 0.5 goals 1H (+115)
  • Ajax TTO 1.5 goals (+150)

The gambling slate today isn’t looking too hot so I had to dig deep to find something to appease my addiction. Lucky for you Liverpool haters out there, I stumbled across a real gem. This afternoon Liverpool Football Club takes the pitch against perennial Dutch superpower Ajax Amsterdam. For those of you that aren’t familiar with how European soccer works, the best teams from each country in Europe play in a season long tournament called the Champions League. The winning club gets a sick trophy, lucrative cash prize, and automatically assumes the title of softest continental champion in the world until next year’s champ is crowned. If you’re a soccer fan that is offended by that joke, you’ve done nothing but prove my point. Nevertheless, keep reading because I am trying to give you free money.

Subpar Analysis

Despite my overt hostility towards Liverpool, there is no denying they have been an absolute juggernaut domestically and in the European theater. There is a reason most books have them 3rd favorite to win the whole damn thing (+500) which honestly isn’t a bad bet in itself. Hell, they might even win today but I can guarantee one thing, they’re going to give up a goal or two.

So, why am I so confident in a team from the Netherlands you’ve probably never heard of? Unfortunately, Liverpool’s captain and goliath defender Virgil Van Dijk went down with an ACL injury in their match against Everton over the weekend (all jokes aside, no one wants to see injuries). Add that to the fact their third choice defender Joel Matip hasn’t trained all week means a central midfielder will likely suit up against Ajax in defense. To top it all off, their starting keeper Allison (don’t ask why that’s his name, just go with it) won’t be between the posts and the Spaniard who backs him up is an absolute head case. But wait… there’s more! Liverpool have been absolutely leaking goals all season to the tune of a 7-2 drubbing from Aston Villa a few games ago. Dating back to last season, they’ve only pitched one shutout in their last ten games and that was with big Virg in defense.

Ajax won’t be taking it lightly either. They’ve conquered the Dutch top flight a record 34 times and came within a whisper of making the Champions League final two years ago. They love to attack and Erik ten Hag and the boys are going to smell blood in the water. Ajax are fresh off a 5-1 win over some other team from the Netherlands none of us have ever heard of and they’ll be looking to start their Champions League campaign off right at home against a vulnerable Liverpool team.

Don’t overthink it, soccer is fun when people score goals and Ajax is gonna find the net today.

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Liverpool – Ajax Bet 10-21-20

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