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Marc Gasol Night

Marc Gasol Night

Marc Gasol Night

The first couple weeks after the Super Bowl are always a great time to wind down a bit. This year was no different as football season is a beast. I actually feel like I played. (I didn’t though.) But I feel like I’ve rested enough and now I’m ready to start posting here again. What better night to do it than on Marc Gasol night.

You guys think I’m crazy but I think his props for tonight are not that bad of an idea. For starters, it’s hard as shit to get value on these numbers at this point in the year. The more time you give these books to collect data on guys, the more efficient their lines are going to be. That’s just how shit works.

The only thing to keeps me floating by in the middle of the season is injuries to key guys. When that happens, it puts pressure on the books because nobody really knows how the injury will affect the entire rotation. They have an idea but the door is open for mistakes.

I know Anthony Davis went down a few games ago but the books are not really adjusting the supporting casts numbers around much. There has been some changes but overall, not much. There’s value in their games depending on their opponents. They have a fun one tonight.

The Trailblazers are ahead of only the Sacramento Kings in terms of defensive efficiency so that’s a good attack surface for us Marc Gasol guys. Sure he’s not the same Marc Gasol from Memphis but he isn’t getting those lines anymore either. Look at how low his props are these days.

We don’t need Gasol to set any records tonight.

  • 6.5 points? He’s done that in four of his last five.
  • 8.5 assists + points? He’s done that in all five of his last five.
  • 2.5 assists? He’s done that in three of the last five. Did you watch his passing mixtape? Plus we’re getting +130.
  • 13.5 points + assists + rebounds? He’s done that in four of his last five.
  • 1.5 threes? He’s done that in five of his last five games. We’re getting +165 on that piece.
  • 1.5 blocks? He’s done that in three of his last five. We’re getting +130 for God’s sake!
  • .5 steals? He’s done that in three of his last five.

Obviously this seven play card could go south but I don’t think so. I think he has just another run of the mill 8 point (on 2/5 shooting from three), 5 rebound, 3 assist, 2 block and 1 steal night in 22 minutes of action. Happy Marc Gasol Night!

Marc Gasol Night

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