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Michelob Ultra Beer Review

Michelob Ultra Beer Review

Michelob Ultra Beer Review

Thursday night is bowling night as well as a great night to bet on sports but it can be tricky when choosing a beer. On one hand, you obviously want to drink something good but on the other hand, you don’t want to be blacked out drunk trying to bowl because your scores are being recorded and smack is being talked. It doesn’t help that the bowling alley has an above average beer list either. There is only so many times you can hear a sober guy talk smack to you after a win while you are waiting for an Uber because you are too drunk to drive.¬†As a rule of thumb, you can’t brag about a bowling score unless you drank a six pack when you did it. You need something you can compete with.

When I need to drink without drinking, I bust out the Michelob Ultra. It does have 4.2% ABV so there technically is alcohol in it even though I think minors should be able to buy it. If you are doing the dry January, I think it is perfectly acceptable to have one. It’s not really drinking. But it kind of is and you can drink six of them without affecting your bowling score.

As far as the tasting notes, the first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t really smell like anything. Although, for the first few months of having this in the rotation, you feel like you are about to have a vasectomy every time you open the first one of the night. If you are struggling with that, just know that it does go away and at some point you will feel like a man again even with a Michelob Ultra in your hand. It just takes time. It’s a lot like switching to decaf.

This beer has been with me through plenty of wins and the luck rating went up last night with the Sacramento State/Northern Colorado Over 57 *1st half win. It started out pretty bad to be honest because they were missing so many shots but it did get home with a couple minutes left. The parlay lost but I never think I am going to win a parlay and those are for less money so it does not really matter. The account went up and I remember watching the games thanks to Michelob Ultra.

Overall, I am definitely keeping this beer in the rotation and staying with the classification of a non-alcoholic beer. It is another one of those good yard work beers as you would have to drink a lot of it to actually be in any danger. I think you would actually drown first before you would get drunk so there is that. If you have a couple 7.5% ABV beers and you still want to be borderline coherent late in the game, you can drink those first, then switch over to the Chic Ultra. That’s a vet move that works 100 out of 100 times.

Michelob Ultra Beer Review

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