Sports Betting Bankroll Advice

Sports Betting Bankroll Advice

Sports Betting Bankroll Advice

Rules suck. We all know that. But sometimes in life, we need to follow some sort of rules so we don’t kill ourselves. Most of us are pretty much idiots (myself included) when it comes to gambling so some sports betting bankroll advice could help. I damn sure can’t hurt.

I got a DM today on Twitter from a guy in Sweden. The guy was basically asking how to manage his money and only risk what he could afford to lose. He said he loves betting but he still has not figured that part out yet and he doesn’t want to go broke. This is pretty common and everyone has a way of doing it. The people who don’t are the dildos that tell you how dumb you are for betting. I call those people losers since they likely lost all their cash because they didn’t have a bankroll strategy.

The way I do it is the simplest way known to man. It is not the only way to do it and I am sure there are many other ways. I chose this one because I am an idiot and I needed something idiot proof. This is just that. Take your “gambling money” and put it over to the side. If it’s $100 then it’s only $100. You don’t need to be rich to do this. Just keep in mind, your gambling money is disposable income. Think of it as cash you would use to go to the movies or something.

Now take whatever amount you have and divide it by $100. And just like magic you have 100 units. I bet 1 unit per game. At first I was literally betting $5 on games. It felt weird, not going to lie, but here’s the thing; you can always add cash every month, then recalculate. You won’t always be the chump tossing $2 on a game. After while you’ll be in a range you’ll feel more comfortable.

Only betting 1% of your bankroll makes a lot of things better. Your day won’t be ruined when you lose. It will be so much easier to laugh when you miss the shit out of something. That happens a lot. The best people in the world only win less than 60% of the time. That means they lose over 40% of the time. That’s a ton of losing.

This way will keep you betting every day. When you’re betting everyday for an entire year you just become sharper. Most people never experience that since they usually blow their load and quit. Everybody knows people like that. Not us though.

Anyway, that’s all I have. It’s not the holy grail but it’s what’s kept involved in the highest form of entertainment which is sports betting. I live a totally normal life with a wife, three daughters and a dog. Point is sports betting isn’t some back alley thing like it was a few short years ago. ┬áIt’s mainstream now so in order to stay around, a solid bankroll strategy should be in place.

Sports Betting Bankroll Advice

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