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Sports Betting is Fun

Sports Betting is Fun

Sports Betting is Fun

So I made a joke last week and tweeted it. The second I hit “tweet” I knew it was a banger. I knew that because I know what a banger looks like because I’ve seen many before. It’s a funny joke and we had some fun with it for a few days. That was the end of it. Then, it gets on Facebook and this type of shit shows up.

I don’t even mind the donating part even though it’s stupid. That’s whatever. But the idea that we’re walking around in 2021 and people actually think of betting on sports as a “sick addiction”? That’s just moronic and we can’t have that.

Sports betting is the ultimate in entertainment. The pinnacle. It gets no better. Some people like to go to the movies, some people like to go to a play, there’s nothing wrong with either of those things. I like to have a beer (or two) in the comfort of my own home and bet a game. Maybe go out to a bar with friends and bet a few games. Point is, there is nothing wrong with it.

When you go to a movie or a play or whatever the hell else you’re doing, you’re paying for it. Tickets are expensive and so are refreshments. At the end of it, has anyone actually given you money back? Nope. That never happens. Guess what, when you bet games, there is a chance of someone giving you money back at the end. I like to call that a bonus. Let’s see your favorite form of entertainment pull that off. So there is that.

On top of being a best form of entertainment, sports betting is also a bonding experience like no other. It can plant a memory in your head forever. Not even just a memory, an actual feeling. That’s right, people feel shit when they bet and I can give an example.

On January 18, 2005 I went to the Pistons/Magic game in Orlando with a buddy. We took the under (disgusting I know). With about .5 seconds on the clock, Rasheed Wallace threw up a meaningless prayer from like 40 feet away and it went in. The game went over by a point. That is a feeling that can’t be described with words. You just have to feel it.

We both just sat there for a second doing drunk math trying to convince ourselves that the shot didn’t make the game go over. It did because math is math.  I don’t talk to that guy much anymore but when I do, I can always bring that up and we’re are immediately taken right back to that night. We had a moment.

By the way, the one we saw wasn’t even the best one of Wallace’s career. This was.

Good things happen too. I can say the name Hunter Renfroe to a certain group of friends and it will always mean something because of a home run he hit. The point is, sports betting is not some dumbass addiction. It is the peak form of entertainment for any sports fan with a functioning brain.

I bet I can have you gambling by this weekend! Get a few buddies together and bet every game on Friday. Actually sit there and watch the games play out and you tell me that isn’t fun. You can’t beat it.

Like it or not, views on sports betting are changing. It’s being normalized as it should be because it’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sports Betting is Fun

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