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Super Bowl Pick & Prediction 2-2-2020

Super Bowl Pick & Prediction 2-2-2020

Super Bowl Pick & Prediction 2-2-2020

If you don’t have money on the Super Bowl, I don’t even think we could be friends. (Like, what would we even talk about?) The professional sports bettors will tell you that the public owns the Super Bowl and they are probably right. Some “pros” won’t even bet the game because they say the line is too efficient but in all seriousness, can you not have money on the Super Bowl? There is zero chance that I don’t have money on the Super Bowl no matter who is playing and no matter what the line is. It’s the last game of the season, I’m betting it.

Thank God the books came with the line they did on this one because even though I bet for entertainment, it is nice to pocket some cash along the way. I can say with 100% confidence that I am betting that the San Francisco 49ers will score at least 26.5 points in the Super Bowl. It is a great number since 26 is pretty much dead and we win instead of push on 27. I think they score 30+ but it is nice to have the insurance on the floor of your bet.

The 49ers ran the ball all over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game and I would expect them to be able to do the same against the Chiefs. Only three teams in the NFL gave up more yards per carry to opposing running backs than the Chiefs this season. (Panthers, Jaguars, Browns) I know that they “stopped” Derrick Henry in the AFC Championship Game but now Kyle Shanahan has had two weeks to see how they did it. Shanahan is as smart as they come and he will throw things at the Chiefs that they have never seen before. The 49ers are not the overachieving Titans.

One major difference between the Titans and 49ers, besides Shanahan, is that the 49ers use a fullback better than any team in the league. Kyle Juszczyk is the best fullback in the game today and with him, the 49ers are able to do it all in the run game. Traps, counters, misdirection, everything. They are impossible to scheme for and they should be able to move the ball on the ground all day. The thing is, they are not happy with four yards a carry. They are looking for chunk plays and they get them regularly. Here is Dan Orlovsky going over a great example of what I am talking about from the NFC Championship Game.

Kyle Shanahan is going to put on a coaching clinic in this Super Bowl and he will not let up because the Kansas City Chiefs can score points in bunches. I give the Chiefs absolutely zero chance of stopping the Niners’ run game and when the sell out to stop it, Jimmy Garoppolo will be able to take advantage possibly with George Kittle. Only two teams gave up more receptions to the tight ends (Cowboys, Seahawks) this season than the Chiefs and only four teams gave up more receiving yards to the position. (Cardinals, Seahawks, Cowboys, Broncos) I know I don’t have to tell you what happens if he gets going. No way the Chiefs hold the 49ers under 26.5 points. Good luck if you tail.

Super Bowl Pick & Prediction 2-2-2020 (Line is at 5Dimes)

  • San Francisco 49ers TTO 26.5

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Super Bowl Pick & Prediction 2-2-2020

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