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Week 10 Bet Review (2020)

Week 10 Bet Review (2020)

Week 10 Bet Review (2020)

This week was another week of pure magic. That’s what gambling is guys. Just a magic roller coaster. Are you up? Are you down? Who cares? You’re having fun and that’s all that really matters. As for me, after the Monday Night Game, I ended the week at 12-10. It should have been better since I made some ill-advised team total bets at about 3:00 pm on Sunday but as any great gambler would do, I’m blaming it on the booze. I can’t be held responsible since at the time, the bets on the early games were cashing, beer was flowing and we had like six great games coming on at 4 pm which never happens. I had to get some action and I didn’t have even one team total out there. Maybe I got a little overzealous (or drunk) or maybe I was just a little too optimistic. Whatever we call it, I ended up getting paid on the week.

Straight Bets (2-7)

  • Akron-Ohio Over 13.5 *1st Quarter – Loss
  • Buffalo/Miami Over 56 – Loss
  • Toledo TTO 27.5 – Win
  • Miami TTO 33.5 – Loss
  • Chargers TTO 23.5 – Loss
  • Rams TTO 27.5 – Loss
  • Seahawks TTO 26.5 – Loss
  • Broncos TTO 23.5 – Loss
  • Bills TTO 26.5 – Win

Anytime you get hammered and make a mistake, the last thing you want to do is talk about it. That’s dumb. When you talk about it, it becomes real and you might have to actually deal with it. So for that reason, I’m not even bringing up the straight plays this week other than just posting what happened. It’s better like that.

Teasers (1-0)

  • Bills +9 & Broncos/Raiders Over 45 – Win

This was exactly what I wanted when I bet this. Obviously I wanted to win, but I wanted more than just a win. I wanted to really feel like I was going to be homeless after it was over only to get a miracle cover. I wanted to actually start strategizing the talk I was going to have with my family when this bet was lost. Do we just stop buying food? Or do we see how long we can live without power? Decisions were going to need to be made and they weren’t going to be easy.

In the back of my head I knew all I needed to do was send out the weekly “Drew Lock sucks” tweet and then magically the Broncos would start scoring points. It’s kind of works like a safe word in the bondage world. It didn’t work exactly how I planned it but the Raiders and Broncos combined for 33 second half points to go over for me. I love when that happens.

Player Props (9-3)

  • Sebastian Munoz Top 40 (+100) – Win
  • Michael Pittman Jr. Over 2.5 receptions (-130) – Win
  • Leonard Fournette Over 2.5 receptions (-150) – Loss
  • Antonio Gibson Over 15.5 receiving yards (-112) – Win
  • Tua Tagovailoa Over 19.5 rushing yards (-117) – Loss
  • Sterling Shepard Over 44.5 receiving yards (-112) – Win
  • KJ Hamler Over 36.5 receiving yards (-112) – Win
  • David Moore Over 27.5 receiving yards (-115) – Loss
  • Antonio Gibson Over 2.5 receptions (-112) – Win
  • Kyle Rudolph Over 2.5 receptions (-115) – Win
  • Kyle Rudolph Over 29.5 receiving yards (-115) – Win
  • Ryan Nall Over 12.5 receiving yards (-112) – Win

The player props is where the week was won and I feel fantastic about that. If you didn’t get a kick out of watching Sebastian Munoz dominate the field at the Masters in route to a top 20 finish, then you are dead inside. If you didn’t love seeing Michael Pittman Jr. go ham on the Titans’ secondary, then we probably wouldn’t like each other in real life. Don’t even get me started on Ryan Nall cashing his receiving yard prop with less than a minute left in the game on his only reception. I could go on and on at just how special each of these bets were but I think you get the picture. ¬†Without gambling, none of these things would have meant anything to you. That would be sad.

Week 10 Bet Review (2020)

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