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Week 3 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 3 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 3 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Do you want a little honesty, this week pretty much sucked. I say pretty much because I cashed in all of my large field GPPs so I made money but I did nothing in the GPPs so I am at work today. It is what it is but here is the lineup I used for all of my cash games.

QB – Dak Prescott – $6900

I went with Dak because I think the Seahawks were an undercover pass funnel going into this game. (They are no longer undercover by the way.) On the other hand, they give up passing yards like it is nobody’s business and with the way they have been playing on offense, that will keep happening. It was between Dak and Russ this week and ultimately my choice was made because I thought Seattle could run the ball if they wanted to and I hoped they would get a lead. It worked out.

RB – Joshua Kelley – $5000

This was the donkey play of the day if I have ever seen one. Everyone knew the Chargers would come out flat after what happened the week before and they did. I got caught up in the hype of the Panthers’ charmin soft defense and got caught holding the bag. I knew I was dead when the Panthers took the lead. I was lucky this dude even got to 6 pts.

RB – Myles Sanders – $6400

I changed from Chris Carson at the last second because I fell for the allure of a do it all back that was going to have his way with the Bengals. The stats said so right? Well, stats are stupid and they didn’t account for the Eagles being garbage. This chalk tasted disgusting.

WR – Amari Cooper – $6300

This wasn’t that bad although it could have been much better. The Boys seemed to forget that Cooper was on their team because he was barely targeted in the second half of this one. Still, 17.6 isn’t bad it’s just that this game was 38-31 and Cooper is Cooper so I wanted more. I expected a shootout and got one though so that’s good. Could have been worse.

WR – DK Metcalf – $6500

I was pretty pissed when he pulled the DJax in the first half but he totally redeemed himself in the second half with his TD. I can’t believe he was so low owned in cash games given the circumstances but he was. All week long, I was debating which WRs would be in from this game with DK never really being in much doubt. There is so much variance at the position that it’s nice to have a situation like Seattle’s where you can just go to two guys and get most of the production.

WR – Tyler Lockett – $6100

Like Metcalf, Lockett was always going to be in my lineup this week. Without him, I would not have cashed so I am glad I made the right call there. Again, I thought this would be a shootout so the WRs made a lot of sense.

TE – Jordan Akins – $3400

The Texans lost this game so let’s not forget that. If they throw to my guy, they probably win. I can say that because all of his production came in the first half when they were winning. They didn’t call his number in the second half and they lost the game. You tell me what happened. This guy will pop off one of these weeks but it is still dumb of me to be playing him in cash games. We all get a little too jacked up sometimes though.

Flex – Kenyan Drake – $6000

I’m pretty much done with Drake. He’s not a “thing.” I went with him because of the Lions inability to stop the run and the idea that the Cardinals would not be chasing points. Kyler Murray then proceeds to throw three picks and there went that plan. I just think he doesn’t look like a good back. There’s nothing about him that gets me excited to play him even at $6000 with 70% of the snaps coming his way. With that being said, I will probably talk myself into him this week in Carolina.

D/ST – Jets – $2000

This wasn’t that bad of a play because Darnold threw two pick sixes. What kind of shit is that? I figured a nice, easy pound the ball type of day for the Colts which is what we got but 14 points from Darnold hurt bad. Seriously, a 23-6 type game with maybe a sack or two and a pick from Rivers would have been fine with me. Instead they put up a zero. I’m done with the Jets at this point but that $2000 price tag is always tempting.

Week 3 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

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