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Week 4 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 4 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 4 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Do you know what’s fun about losing? Nothing, nothing at all. I want to do the smart thing and blame everyone else but I am too much of a competitor to do something like that. I made some bad choices and my lineup paid the ultimate price. I really hope you guys had a better day than I did in DFS.

QB – Ryan Fitzpatrick – $5400

I really thought I was outsmarting people by playing this guy but what I did was the same thing as everyone else. I didn’t think guys would have the balls to play him given the other options on the slate but obviously they did. He didn’t kill me, but I didn’t use the salary relief effectively. I would have much rather had the Dak build with OBJ.

RB – Alvin Kamara – $8000

You had to play Kamara yesterday given the circumstances. He was 89% owned in the cash games I was in so I was not the only one that thought so. I expected more out of him but it is what it is.

RB – Kenyan Drake – $6000

I am 100% done with Drake. He’s not a thing, and I am not sure how I ever convinced myself he was a thing. Sometimes in life you just have to move on. That is what I am doing with Drake for the rest of his and my career. I wish I could say the time we had together was fun but there was not one single time where I was happy in this arrangement. I feel like a new man knowing I will never play him again.

WR – Tyler Lockett – $7000

I got fooled on this one too. Sometimes you go to the well too many times and that is what happened here. I figured since the Dolphins had trouble with Stefon Diggs and John Brown, they would have trouble with Lockett. I am not sure I was wrong about that but I was wrong in the sense that this was not the game script I was hoping for. The WRs needed to come from the Cowboys-Browns game.

WR – Kenny Golladay – $6000

I feel like this one should have worked out much better but it just didn’t. The Lions trailed the entire game after the first quarter but Kenny G never really put his stamp on shit. With no Janoris Jenkins or Marshon Lattimore, I figured he would have an easy path to points when the Lions had to scrap the run game and throw. A TD saved his afternoon but he was not a great play.

WR – Will Fuller V – $5900

I haven’t had a ton of excitement in my life recently so I figured I would turn up the volume in that area and start Fuller in cash. If you haven’t tried it, it’s not for the faint of heart but it will get you jacked up. It did work out this time but it would have been better if he got that second TD. The Vikings secondary has been a mess and I figured Deshaun Watson would take advantage of them after having played an insanely tough schedule. I am starting to think maybe it wasn’t the schedule.

TE – Adam Trautman – $2500

I’m glad I was not the only idiot to fall for this trap as 44.3% of the field had him in one of my cash games. Jared Cook and Michael Thomas were out so I figured some random dude that the industry has hyped up would just go off at $2500. His salary relief would let me get other guys and shit was going to be merry. It wasn’t. I hope to God this never happens again. (It will.)

Flex – David Johnson – $5600

In my mind, Johnson was going to go off. Bill O’Brien was going to justify that dumbass trade by running Johnson into the ground in the Texans’ first win of the season. I was going to the smart one who didn’t give up on DJ and I was even going to take a victory lap on Twitter when it happened. I will save you the story, there were no victory laps.

D/ST – Buccaneers – $3400

Paying for defenses never works but this time it was going to be different. It was going to be a rainy day in Tampa and the Buccaneers were going to force Justin Herbert into throwing the ball and making mistakes. I was half right, he did throw the ball but he made very few mistakes. This won’t be the last time I get burned by a defense that needs 15+ points to hit value.

Week 4 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

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