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Week 5 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 5 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Week 5 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

Do you know what’s fun about winning? Everything. The cash is nice, but that feeling of knowing that so many guys (and girls) went up against you and fell short to your greatness is almost enough of a reward. From a straight viewership perspective, the lineup was balanced in such a way that it had enough 1 pm guys to keep me into the money during the early games, but then enough 4 pm guys to keep the lineup striving for even more greatness late in the day. This made the entire day fun. I can’t stress how important that is because it doesn’t happen every week. It’s rare and we should marvel it’s greatness when it happens. Here is the lineup.

QB – Teddy Bridgewater – $5900

The Falcons are terrible. That’s literally the only thing other than price that I considered for my QB. The only other guy I thought of was Patrick Mahomes and while he was a good play, I just liked the value of Bridgewater. I was expecting over 30 points but I was happy with 23.82. I expected more fight out of the Falcons but then again, they are terrible.

RB – Ezekiel Elliott – $7800

This was simply about the fact that I had Zeke as the number 1 overall RB for this week and his salary was in such a place where he fit perfectly. I though he would be even higher owned even though he was in the 60+% range. The Giants/Cowboys game shaped up to be higher scoring and played out like that.

RB – Mike Davis – $6400

I am super late to the Mike Davis party but better late than never I guess. Even though I think the Falcons have a decent run defense, they still let the RBs catch passes so Davis was always set up to double dip a little bit. He ended up catching 9 passes for 60 yards and even scored on one of those receptions. At $6400, you had to play him and almost 3/4 of the field did in cash games where I was involved.

WR – Darius Slayton – $4800

At $4800 with only a couple guys to compete with for targets, Slayton was a must play against a Cowboys secondary that is historically bad. I love an under $5K WR1 against the Cowboys and so did over half the field but I was fine with it. He had a TD negated by penalty so there is that, but the penalty was actually the reason he was so wide open so I allowed it (after I almost threw my phone through the TV).

WR – Robby Anderson – $5900

Robby Anderson is a volume guy now. I still can’t get used to it but here we are. The idea that he can drop 20+ DK points without a TD is magic. His upside is at an all time high but everyone has caught on as evidenced by his almost 60% ownership in cash games. Still, he was my preferred partner to stack with Teddy in cash over DJ Moore and he didn’t disappoint.

WR – Tee Higgins – $4900

This is where things went off the rails a little. In my head, this was a good idea since I didn’t think anyone would play him and I thought the Bengals would be down all day. I was right on those two things but it didn’t really lead to much Tee Higgins production. What makes things worse is, I moved up to him from Brandin Cooks since I had so much salary left over. I hate when that happens.

TE – Evan Engram – $4600

If you look at his 9.5 points, you would think this was a dud, but it really wasn’t. He had a TD called back because of an illegal shift on a fake field goal that was just brutal to watch in real time. Still, he looks like a beast and there should be spike weeks coming his was down the road even with Daniel Jones playing QB.

Flex – James Robinson – $6700

I fell for the coach speak on this one. Imagining the possibilities of 25 touches for Robinson against the Texans run defense was too much for me to resist. I figured even if the Jags got down, they would still throw to him, which they did, but the rushing yards just weren’t there. I don’t even want to talk about the fumble on the wildcat snap. It’s still too soon.

D/ST – Browns – $2700

There was very little strategy that went into this one. Get a cheap defense at home against a team that wants to run. It helps when Phillip Rivers is the opposing QB, but this was about getting as close to possible to 10+ points. I thought the Browns were a good choice and they did their part to bring me a couple greenbacks.

Week 5 Cash Lineup Review (2020)

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