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Week 8 Bet Review (2020)

Week 8 Bet Review (2020)

Week 8 Bet Review (2020)

This week was all about drinking and betting. There was absolutely no thought whatsoever put into many of these, especially the Sunday bets, and while I did get a little haircut, it was worth it. They can’t put Halloween on a Saturday and expect people to bet responsibly. But if you are betting responsibly you are missing out because there are not many better ways to pass the time in life than just firing from the hip on whatever game you feel like watching at the time. It was an amazing experience that everyone should try to do at least once a weekend. In my defense, it was kind of working on Saturday (money wise), but maybe I went a little overboard with the Fireball on Sunday.

Straight Bets (4-7)

  • RB Leipzig TTO 1.5 (-118) – Loss
  • Cagliari TTO 1.5 (+150) – Win
  • Notre Dame/GT Over 13 *1st Q – Loss
  • Indiana/Rutgers Over 10.5 *1st Q – Loss
  • W. Kentucky/BYU Over 11.5 *1st Q – Win
  • BYU TTO 40.5 – Win
  • Nevada TTO 36.5 – Win
  • LA Chargers -3 – Loss
  • Eagles TTO 13.5 *1st H – Loss
  • Eagles TTO 26.5 – Loss
  • UCF/Houston Over 81 – Loss

Like I said, things ended well Saturday Night with the clean sweep of the late games. I probably got a little carried away after trick or treating but it was nice to wake up to three wins in the morning. (Just between us, I didn’t even know I won those until I had been up for hours which is the universal sign of a good night.) The Chargers loss hurt my feelings and let to a drunken rage bet on the Eagles TTOs which did not end well. Jalen Reagor had a TD slapped out of his hand late in the 4th quarter that would have have given me the cover I deserved. In my opinion, I went 6-5 on these and that’s not even taking credit for the ND/GT Over 13 in the first quarter (they scored on the first play of the second quarter). I could have easily been 8-3 on the straight plays.

Teasers (1-2)

  • Falcons +7.5 & Eagles -2.5 – Win
  • Titans -.5 & Steelers +10 – Loss
  • 49ers +7 & Over 48 – Loss

The 49ers one shouldn’t even count since I barely remember playing it but since I am a man of integrity, I will put it on the record. The only bet here that I got fooled on was the Titans. I’m not sure how you can lose to the Bengals but they definitely did. They owe me money.

Player Props (2-4)

  • Mike Davis Over 39.5 receiving yards (-106) – Loss
  • Noah Fant Over 40.5 receiving yards (+110) – Win
  • Ben DiNucci Over 14.5 rushing yards (-137) – Win
  • Ezekiel Elliott Over 3.5 receptions (+108) – Loss
  • Ezekiel Elliott Over 21.5 receiving yards (-112) – Loss
  • Daniel Jones Over 25.5 rushing yards (-114) – Loss

The Ezekiel Elliot bets were a product of Fireball and should be struck from the record but again, I have integrity so they will stay. That was just one of those “why not have more action” type bets that seemed like such a good idea at the time. My brain was telling me the Eagles would throttle the Cowboys and DiNucci was just going to throw check downs the entire time. Who knew the kid was a gunslinger? Anyway you slice it, I may have had too many NFC East guys which could have lead to a tough weekend money wise. But when you add in all the fun I had, I pretty much broke even.

Week 8 Bet Review (2020)

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