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Week 9 Bet Review (2020)

Week 9 Bet Review (2020)

Week 9 Bet Review (2020)

I’m not going to sit here and brag about going 13-6 last week. That’s not what this weekly post is all about. It’s about accountability and nothing more. If I happen to kick the books’ teeth in, so be it. That gets reported. It doesn’t mean I’m bragging. I’m actually more of a hand the ball back to the ref when I score kind of guy. No dancing, no fanfare, no showmanship. Just give the ball back and start the next play. Here is me giving the ball back to the ref.

Straight Bets (7-4)

  • BYU/Boise State Over 63 – Win
  • SMU/Temple Over 62 – Win
  • Raiders/Chargers Over 52 – Win
  • Buccaneers TTO 26.5 – Loss
  • Buccaneers +27 (Live) – Loss
  • Steelers ML -130 (Live) – Win
  • Broncos TTO 22.5 – Win
  • Texas A&M/South Carolina Over 58 – Loss
  • Illinois/Minnesota Over 13.5 *1st Q – Loss
  • Eastern Michigan +4.5 – Win
  • Buffalo/N. Illinois Over 12.5 *1st Q – Win

That BYU/Boise State Over was pure magic. It really jump started all of our weekends and I couldn’t be more thankful for the Boise State backup QB that got pulled and then put back in. It took balls for that kid to come back into the game and start firing dimes like that. We all owe him a thank you.

This week could have been even better if I didn’t get smashed and take the Buccaneers on Sunday Night. That completely wasn’t my fault. I was grilling, the 4 o’clocks were on, points were flying around and that always makes the beers go down easier. I had a real shot at 7-2 for the week if I had just passed out but I’m not the typical guy. I don’t just go out after a couple twelve packs and who even knows how much Fireball. I keep betting. I think that actually makes me heroic in a way.

Teasers (1-0)

  • Broncos/Falcons Over 44 & Raiders/Chargers Over 47 – Win

This one was glorious. I knew it when I first saw it on Wednesday that we would be cooking with fire and damn it, we did. Neither one of these games ever had a chance at going under and it made my Sunday mood incredible. Jokes were landing, beers were flying, fun was had by all. Truly and amazing bet by me.

Player Props (5-2)

  • Kyle Juszczyk Over 10.5 receiving yards (-112) – Loss
  • Jerrick McKinnon Over 28.5 receiving yards (+115) – Loss
  • Antonio Gibson Over 17.5 reveiving yards (+100) – Win
  • Antonio Gibson Over 2.5 receptions (-114) – Win
  • Jakobi Meyers Over 46.5 receiving yards – Win
  • Jakobi Meyers Over 3.5 receptions – Win
  • Damien Harris Over 51.5 rushing yards – Win

I got home from bowling Thursday Night after losing my first two props of the week and went straight to the mirror. It was Tim Tebow time and I knew it. I looked right at my reflection and said these words. “You will never see any bettor in the entire country bet props as hard as I will bet props the rest of the weekend, and you will never see someone push the guys I bet on as hard as I will push everybody the rest of the weekend, and you will never see a bunch of people on Twitter bet harder than my followers and I will the rest of the weekend. God bless.

The rest is history. Five straight player prop winners makes me feel like my pep talk to myself worked. God bless.

Week 9 Bet Review (2020)

Most of these bets were placed at BetOnline and they are the only book I currently recommend using. They are a paid when asked to be paid book that offers lines on literally everything. There is nothing bad to say about this book. See for yourself by clicking here.

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