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What is an NFL Teaser Bet?

What is an NFL Teaser Bet?

What is an NFL Teaser Bet?

I’ve hated teasers all the way up until my 40’s. I always believed they took the sport out of the equation. It wasn’t helped by a buddy of mine. I call him a buddy, but I couldn’t stand him. Biggest douche I ever hung around really. He liked teasers and he was such a tool about them. While everyone was sweating out their “real” bets, douche boy would sit there eating his wings stress free asking us why we didn’t just tease it. I hated that.

I don’t hang out with douche boy anymore, so now I feel like I can get something off my chest. Stress free wings are delicious. While everybody else is losing their minds sweating out a bet, you get to just watch the agony unfold. And still get paid after the game. It’s beautiful. These things are easy to understand too.

What is an NFL Teaser Bet?

The best way I can explain it is, a teaser bet is just like a parlay really. It’s a group of straight bets (two or more) combined into one bet. The difference is, you get to adjust each line in your favor by the amount you chose for your teaser.

There are four main NFL teaser options – 6, 6.5, 7 and 7.5 point teasers. I almost always limit my teasers to two teams but obviously you can do whatever you want in terms of your bets. It’s your life.

I like the 6 point teaser myself as the -110 odds always made sense for me. They are easy to understand too. For example, this weekend I like the Panthers and the Steelers at their normal price. (The Panthers are +2 and the Steelers are -7.) Like I said, I like both of them at their normal price but I love them at their new price. In a 6 point teaser, I get the Panthers +8 and Steelers -1. Now both have to cover their new prices for the bet to cash, just like a parlay, but we get to move the line 6 points for both teams and it is at -110. I love that.

The bet works exactly the same for 6.5, 7 and 7.5 point NFL teasers, only the line is shifted by either 6.5, 7 or 7.5 points instead of the 6 points shown in my example. It’s easy enough to understand.

NFL Teaser Rules

I hate to call these “rules” but I don’t have a good enough vocabulary so that’s what I’m calling them. First, every week I look for a +2 all the way to +3.5 team that I think can win the game outright. I don’t care if they are on the road or not. Doesn’t really matter to me. Basically, the idea is, I am going to watch a team that is in a dogfight to win the game, but I have them at +8 all the way to +9.5 depending on the line. (I like to bet these early in the week because if you wait too long you can miss the boat.) This creates an opportunity to eat those stress free wings.

The other thing I am looking for is a team that I think can win a game by double digits but is priced at -6.5 all the way to -8. For these teams, I am typically looking for a home team but there are times when a road team fits the bill. The idea behind this is, when they are up by 10 and the other team has the ball with a minute left, I’m just hanging out eating my stress free wings. Let the other guys lose their minds on every play. You have wings to eat.

A lot of guys will tell you not to tease through 0 and they are right. I can’t think of many times where I see a team at -3 and think about teasing them down to an underdog. Seems dumb to me but some guys still do it. Like I said, make a dog a big dog or make a team favored by a touchdown only have to win the game. That’s the sweet spot and I try to stay there as much as possible.

I know I said I like to bet these early in the week, and I do, but I also will just watch the lines move about an hour before kick off to try to spot opportunities opening up. You would be amazed at the movement on certain lines in certain weeks. You just have to be paying attention.

Here are the NFL Teaser Payouts (subject to change):

6 Point NFL Teaser Bet Payouts
2 Teams – (-110)
3 Teams – (+160)
4 Teams – (+260)

6.5 Point NFL Teaser Bet Payouts
2 Teams – (-120)
3 Teams – (+150)
4 Teams – (+240)

7 Point NFL Teaser Bet Payouts
2 Teams – (-130)
3 Teams – (+135)
4 Teams – (+200)

7.5 Point NFL Teaser Bet Payouts
2 Teams – (-150)
3 Teams – (+120)
4 Teams – (+185)

  • You are charged a premium when you move across key numbers. In the picture above, I moved both games through two key numbers (3,7) so the bet was -120.
  • You can do more than four teams. I just stopped there as this was meant to be an example of how the pricing worked.

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